How do you elevate your everyday dishes into exotic creations? Just add spice. A little pinch here and there and you’ll soon have those tastebuds singing.

There are many headlines that claim various health and wellbeing benefits from the use of herbs and spices in our diets – aiding everything from asthma to alzheimer’s and depression to diabetes. There’s a lot of evidence out there, but very few studies that are completely conclusive. So pushing the science aside, we wanted to focus on the fun these new tastes can bring into your daily life.

Finding ways to keep your food temping and tantalising shouldn’t be a chore. Simply adding a spice can turn a tin of tomato soup into a ton of flavour. Here are a whole host of culinary tips you can try at home:


Give your morning coffee a lift with a sprinkling of cinnamon over ground coffee before brewing. 

If you’re more of a tea person, ginger is a delight to drink. Brew a pot of fresh ginger tea. Try adding a little honey for a sweeter treat.

A few fennel seeds shaken over your vegetables before roasting brings a luscious note of aniseed to proceedings.

Roast Potatoes
Spruce up your roast spuds with chilli and turmeric. Simply sprinkle chilli flakes, turmeric, salt and pepper on your potatoes before roasting them in the oven.

Tomato Soup
Any shop bought can of tomato soup can be spiced up with a sprinkling of curry powder, giving it a tasty new zing. This approach also works deliciously well with baked beans.

Roast Chicken
Take a leaf out of a Spanish cook book by adding a sprinkling of paprika to your bird before you roast it. Not only will it give a flavoursome smoky lift, the crisp skin will look beautiful on the plate.

Sweet Treat
The classic cheese on toast is open to any number of spices. But what really gets our tastebuds tingling is swapping the cheddar cheese for Philadelphia, then sprinkling over a pinch or two of cinnamon to make an alternative desert.


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