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Cook up a little company

If you feel like a bit of company, and all this talk of food has whetted your appetite, then why not combine the two and share a meal with others. Whether you pop over to the weekly Seven Dials Club ‘Social Lunch’ or simply invite friends over for a bite, eating together is proven to lift your wellbeing.

Experts suggest that the experience of gathering around a dining table together has far reaching physical and mental health benefits. The theory states that at the table we share stories, learn from each other and build better relationships. Sharing a meal gives us a focus in a social setting – a reason to come together, sit together and stay together for longer than a quick cuppa.

If the thought of hosting a meal is a little overwhelming, why not make the experience a shared one. Ask friends to bring a dish each to share. Or why not buy a selection of spreads, tins and fresh items and serve them tapas style, like a ploughman’s where everyone can take a bit of what they fancy. Yummy.

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