Like-minded support.

The Rainbow Memory Café for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans* (LGBT+) people who have concerns about their memory, have a diagnosis of dementia or are caring for someone with memory loss or dementia. The café, set up by Opening Doors London (ODL), offers a safe and informal place to meet other LGBT+ people and share experiences and support. 

A diagnosis of dementia may bring many challenges, but those who are also LGBT+ can sometimes face additional isolation, and the dilemma of whether to be out about your sexuality within mainstream services. 

Mike, who cares for his partner of 40 years Tom, who is living with dementia, and said “We’ve been through a lot, but the Rainbow Café is a wonderful opportunity to share our experiences with other gay people and to feel we can really be ourselves.” 

The group is facilitated by Sally Knocker, a Dementia Care Consultant with over 30- years- experience in the field and the author of a number of publications related to people with dementia and LGBT+ ageing. 

“We couldn’t have wished for a more lovely group of people talking about how dementia impacts on their lives” explains Sally. “A real sense of sharing our stories too from LGBT+ venues in London which have come and gone, early Pride marches and coming out [or not] to our family and friends”. 

The Rainbow Memory Café runs on the second Monday of every month.

To find out more contact call 020 7239 0400 or email sally.knocker@openingdoorslondon.org.uk



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