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Choose from 200,000 audiobook titles

In this digital world it can feel like listening to an audio book on a device is like cheating a real book. Many people are sceptical at first. Can an actor narrating do justice to the text? The reality most find is something completely different, you often find a new dimension to the book as you’re immersed in the story. And, if you want, you can also follow along by having the actual book open at the same time – a useful combination for those who find it difficult to concentrate on reading nowadays. 

When it comes to finding audio books there are a whole host of options. The market leader is Audible (owned by Amazon). To start, take out a free 30-day trial and you get to choose a free audio book. At the end of your trial you can buy a monthly subscription (£7.99) whereby you’re given one credit a month to buy an audiobook – if you want to buy more you can buy more credits or pay per audio book. You can cancel the subscription at any time. If you’re already an Amazon Prime member Audible is free.


Starts at £7.99 per month for one book per month.

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