When Peter Matthews was made redundant, he turned to Age UK Camden. Tackling health, wealth and home decluttering issues, we were only too happy to advise.

There are some dates that are hard to forget. For Peter Matthews, the year when everything turned upside down was 2016 when he was made redundant from the warehouse he’d worked in for many years. And as he was 66, he now also found himself retired. “I was in a completely new frame of mind,” admits Peter.

Fortunately, Peter knew he could turn to Age UK Camden as he had previously made use of their services for his elderly mother. “I can use the internet and do research, but it is enormously valuable having a human being at Age UK Camden who I can speak to over the telephone and arrange a face-to-face meeting,” says Peter. “I can explain what the situation is and be given advice, knowing they have a file on my situation so people can go back to it – they’re not going to disappear into a cloud of smoke.”

Peter’s main questions were about financial planning, so he was referred to a tax advice charity specifically for older people. He also wanted pension and health advice and was directed to the Mary Ward Legal Centre near Holborn. “I met an advisor who was extraordinarily helpful on several occasions. They told me what I could and couldn’t do and were able to point me in a different direction, so I had another alternative.”

When a hospital operation was planned Peter contacted Age UK Camden to sort out recuperative care. More recently he’s been given advice about exercise and signposted to Good Gym, who he is now in contact with.

He’s also been tackling his home, room by room. Peter who has lived in the same Primrose Hill house practically all his life, says: “Age UK Camden put me in touch with social services who organised a quote from a decluttering company. I’ve got to the stage where I value the space rather than having all the clutter.”

Peter’s overall verdict for Age UK Camden’s services: “Top notch from a practical point of view and it has impacted positively on my mental and physical health.”

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